Image Enhancement: Digital Restoration

Digital Restoration

An image says a thousand words and can hold cherished memories of loved ones, sentimental places, historical artifacts or that special something that matters to you only.

Our digital artists provide the highest quality digital retouching and artwork to complement your images, having the knowledge and ability to advise you on how to bring that special moment back to life.

Retouched images will be printed directly onto photographic paper or saved to CD.
Level of Work

All Re-Touching work is done to 3 set structured levels 1-3. Below is information on how each level is broken down and priced

Retouch level 1 £ 20+vat
Simple retouch work including removing spots, small marks from background, tidying stray hair.

Retouch level 2 £ 30+vat
More complex digital work including wrinkle removal, eye opening, extending backgrounds.

Retouch level 3 £ 50+vat (Starting Price)
Complex retouching including combining multiple images, complicated background changes.