Canvas Wraps: Sizes & Prices

Canvas Wraps

Our canvas wraps are a high grade, superior quality finished product.   Printed directly onto artists' canvas using pigmented inks,  they are heat sealed laminated for durabilty and protection  then hand stretched onto purpose built 44mm stretcher frames.

At every stage of production we take the utmost care and consideration for the final product.  We are aware that the market for such items is varied and wide, but only when you see the true quality and craftsmanship which goes into each wrap, will you appreciate  our expertise and knowledge in this field.

Size's & Prices
Image Size Price


£ 27+vat
12x10 £ 31+vat
16x12 £ 36+vat
18x12 £ 39+vat
16x16 £ 42+vat
20x16 £ 47+vat
20x20 £ 51+vat
24x20 £ 57+vat
30x24 £ 72+vat
30x30 £ 87+vat
40x30 £ 106+vat
40x40 £ 112+vat
60x40 £ 156+vat
80x40 £ 208+vat
100x40 £ 260+vat
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