Wedding Albums: Design

At Paul Grahams we offer a bespoke album
design service which will suit any of our customers'
needs, from the lavish and luxurious  to  the
and elegant
.  These can be used for any special
occasion such as a wedding, birthday, christening,
anniversary or as a keepsake momento.

Focused on providing an individualised service to
each and every client our highly dedicated 'in-house'
design team will create each album as individual as
your own special day and oversee the entire design process
from initial construction, through to
the final product.

Our design servive is broken down into three distinct options.

Option 1:

Modern design based upon simplicity and elegance. Black and white backgrounds and clean, sleek lines
are the height of minimalist presentation. With no further design adjustments, the images are in all cases
used as supplied.

* Simple and elegant
* No effects, all straight edged images.
* No ghost backgrounds.
* White and black pages or a combination
   of the two but no coloured backgrounds.

* White and black pinlines.

Option 2:

Style follows design with colour coordinated backgrounds and key lines. With this design, soft  backgrounds and filters are used giving your work that extra level of creativity. Featuring colour graduations and offset placements to enhance your final design.

* Ghost and graduated backgrounds.
* Colour matched backgrounds.
* Colour co-ordinated pin lines.
* Tinted/toned images
* No plain white pages

Option 3 :

A sumptuous combination of structure and design complements throughout. Featuring a diverse balance of linear borders and flowing imagery all of which combine to create a contemporary and innovative design concept.

* A combination of option 1 and option 2 styles bring together a modern and elegant layout style with colour co-ordination and detailed backgrounds.